Uganda Family Safaris

For families, the delight of taking your children to Africa is without equivalent. Watching a youngster’s astonishingly up close and personal with their first elephant ecounter in the wild, or watching a pride of lions together lying on their backs on a hot day under accassia tree or go white water rafting or go gorilla tracking for those who are 15 years and above creates everlasting memories in their mind and cherish their childhood so much.

Huge numbers of us at Abacus Vacations – Uganda Safaris have youngsters and have dealt broadly with such activies in Africa, so we realize what lives up to expectations for children of all ages when arranging a Uganda or Rwanda family safari. We know where to go for real African cultural tours, which engages kids and which national parks truly welcome children instead of only toloreting them. While Africa is without a doubt about the natural life, we can guarantee that you have the one of a kind encounters to make your family occasion life-changing.

Since we consistently visit every national park and tourist sites we suggest to our clients, we know which safari camps and lodge offer perfect activites for youngsters. We will let you know where your kids can help out the cook on breakfast in the kitchen just to feel engaged, who has the best junior guides projects, which activies most entataines kids in the evenings and towns that are awesome to visit.

We may direct you far from assumptions about specific camps or destinations in the event that we feel they’re not a great match for your family, regardless of how reviewed they are. The fact of the matter is that we won’t offer a safari – family or something else – unless we really trust it’s the right get-away for customers we’ve come to know well. We’ve composed tours for groups of three to twenty-three and every one has been totally individual and remarkably custom-made to be astonishingly delightful.